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Accounting Analytics Bookkeeper Guide Updates

New Name and Location for the (+) Create button.

Your QBO may display the + (Create) button in a new location in the left Navigation bar. The button is renamed + New.

New QuickBooks Online Payroll Services

QuickBooks Online Payroll has three subscription plans: Core, Premium, and Elite. The Core plan has a monthly subscription of $35 plus $4 per employee and includes the necessary features to process your payroll.

  • QuickBooks Online Self-Service Payroll becomes QuickBooks Online Core Payroll.
  • QuickBooks Online Full-Service Payroll becomes QuickBooks Online Premium Payroll.
  • New QuickBooks Online Elite Payroll is introduced.

To subscribe to QuickBooks Online Payroll, go to

New Accounting Analytics Bookkeeper Checklists

The following bookkeeping checklists have been added to the guide,

  • Daily Checklist
  • Weekly Checklist
  • Bi-Weekly Checklist
  • Monthly Checklist
  • Quarterly Checklist
  • Annual Checklist
  • Checklist as they Occur


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